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My approach is simple - providing practical pragmatic advice based on understanding. Having worked professionally in the conservation sector for over 15 years I have a good background in both the legislation and planning side of conservation as well as the practical side working with materials, contractors and architects to deliver successful projects. 

We must work with buildings, not against them, in order that decision making is on the basis of what is best for the building as well as its occupants. Learning to read a building enables us to understand the building needs, its nuances and its character and significance. In respecting the past we can provide a sustainable future conserving our heritage while allowing exemplary new architecture within the historic environment. Supporting our natural environment is also essential in any building conservation project.


I have worked in Wales since 2011 and have expertise in and passion for Welsh vernacular architecture.

I work across Wales and into Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and the South-West. 

I provide a range of services listed below:


  •   Specialist materials advice

    • lime mortars, plasters/renders

    • limecrete floors

    • vapour permeable paints

    • natural and vapour permeable insulations (woodwool, woodfibre, cork, sheep's wool, etc.) 

    • insulating plasters

    • stone repair mortars

    • timber-framing and infill

  • Building condition and repair surveys/reports, including pre-aquisition reports

  • Advice on damp in buildings

  • Liaison with national heritage bodies, conservation officers and contractors

  • House histories and historical research into sites including map regression

  • Heritage statements and impact assessments

  • Assistance with historic building grants including Farming in Protected Landscapes FiPL Historic Building Restoration Grant

  • Advice on maintenance and repair of traditional farm buildings for Wales Sustainable Farming Scheme UA14: Historic environment – maintenance and enhancement

My own conservation project, a 17th century Welsh longhouse & farmstead, has welcomed individuals and organisations from across the sector from contractors and homeowners to the Landmark Trust, National Trust Bursary Scheme, Historic Farm Buildings Group and Brecknock Houses Group.  

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